Recreating A Classic

┬áNow you should all be familiar with above piece of graffiti because it’s “Future World Machines” by Goldie and was selected by Henry Chalfant to be one of those representing the UK, for his 1987 book “Spraycan Art” about the best graffiti from around the world. “Future World Machines” was originally created live as a […]

Outside In

Outside In with Kemef Inc

“Outside In” is the name of the new exhibition that the two graffiti artists, known as Mef and Kem, are holding later this month at Gallery 150, Leamington Spa and it features loads of new work by them. If their last show (entitled “Steel Horses”) is anything to go by, then you are not going […]

Subway Art ...

The Peel Street Project

The Peel Street Project is something that has took over two years to get the final go ahead from Wolverhampton City Council and it now means that a run down subway, in the heart of Wolverhampton itself, has now been transformed into a huge art gallery – with the help of a lot of graffiti […]

Kilo Sinstars, FBA

Kilo is a graffiti artist that first started painting back in 1984 and he’s been heavily involved in the game ever since then – whether it be graffiti, breakdancing or just the hip-hop scene in general, he’s been there and done it. His influence to pick up a spray can came from all the usual […]

The Full "Dead and Buried" Wall

The Walking Dead

What can I say, if you like graffiti and “The Walking Dead” TV series then you should love this wall!?! The piece is entitled “Dead and Buried” and it was recently created by Kemef Inc, Gnasher and The Goat – I’ll think you’ll agree that it’s an amazing collaboration of some very talented artists and […]

Street Fusion Urban Arts Fest

Street Fusion is a huge FREE event that is being hosted by Brink Contemporary Arts and takes place in Kenilworth on May 11th 2013 and it will be a fun day out for everyone that attends. There’s a live graffiti jam happening, featuring more than 20 of the regions finest artists, as well as DJ’s, […]

Tribute to Nekst

Just before Christmas the international graffiti realm suffered a huge loss with the passing of Nekst. He was a dedicated graffiti artist, member of MSK (Mad Society Kings), and he dominated the scene in which ever city he showed up in. Nekst had been painting graffiti with unmatched levels of dedication for what was nearing […]

uk graff book

100 UK Graffiti Artists #1

Frank “Steam 156″ Malt has recently created this book due to his tireless documentation of graffiti and he serves to preserve what the buff or the elements will certainly destroy. It’s a great addition to anyone’s collection of graff books from around the world and we will post links at the bottom of this page […]

Hello My Name Is ...

Inside The

As you’ve probably gathered by now, this is a post dedicated to a store called “The Bench”. If you need anything such as paint, caps, markers, clothing, books or anything else that is graffiti orientated then you should check this place out. You can find The Bench within The Custard Factory, Birmingham, West Midlands but […]