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The Walking Dead

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What can I say, if you like graffiti and “The Walking Dead” TV series then you should love this wall!?! The piece is entitled “Dead and Buried” and it was recently created by Kemef Inc, Gnasher and The Goat – I’ll think you’ll agree that it’s an amazing collaboration of some very talented artists and it’s certainly one of the best walls that I’ve seen for a while.

The piece above is by Kem and says “Dead” and the piece below is by Mef and says “Buried”, the other details are provided by The Goat

If you’re a fan of “The Walking Dead” then you should easily recognise the below character, from the popular TV series, which has been painted by the artist Gnasher. In the past Gnasher has been known to create amazing, photorealistic pieces of Tinie Tempah, Rhianna, Batman, Yoda, Jimi Hendrix and Christopher Walken (the latter had quite a lot press coverage recently because someone thought it’d be funny to paint a swastika on it – Gnasher simply went back and painted it out!)

Rick from "The Walking Dead" TV series.

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