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Some Great Finds …

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We all know that the internet is awash with great pieces of graffiti and street art from around the world but there is nothing like getting out there and finding some of this great artwork for yourself! We encourage you to get out there and have a look around and see what you can find (and then share it with us!) …

Here are some of our great finds from the last 6 months that you probably won’t have seen on the internet but we hope that you like them as much as we do.

Artist: Rascal

Artist: Rascal

Artist: N4T4

This was taken @ The Bench 10th Birthday Jam, Birmingham, UK

We hope that you’re into the shots that we are posting but it does have to be said – some of these pieces have to be seen to be believed (a photo just doesn’t do justice sometimes). Whenever we post information about an exhibition or a festival that’s going on then you should go along and check it out …

You can make a great weekend out of visiting places such as Bristol when “Upfest” is happening.

Artists: Kem and Mef

Artists: Kem and Mef

“Nasty Habits”

Please remember to check out all the links at the bottom of this post as it will take you directly to the artists websites … Thanks everyone.

 Artist: Zina

This was taken @ Sand, Sea and Spray Festival 2012

Artist: Turroe One

This was taken @ Upfest 2012

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