Upfest Update …

Anyone who’s into graffiti and street art and is from the UK should now be well aware of the “Upfest” festival that happens every year in Bristol.

This an amazing free event that takes place over several days on North Street, right by the city centre. It’s a totally legal event that is fully supported by the local council (fair play!) and loads of artists, from all over the world, congregate to turn the street into one giant canvas.

Some of the artists that attended this year were the likes of Smug, Inkie, Herakut, Osch, Masai, Acerone, Cheo and N4T4.

Artist: Smug

1x1.trans Upfest Update ...

Artist: Herakut

1x1.trans Upfest Update ...

As is usual with most of my posts for UK Street Art I always try to upload posts that include shots of amazing finished pieces of art that I believe everyone will love, no matter what age, gender or race … One love under a spray can!

1x1.trans Upfest Update ...

Artist: Masai

1x1.trans Upfest Update ...

I will post all the usual websites so you can keep up to date with what’s going on with this awesome free event but I will also share all the artists websites if you wish to check out anymore of their work. (Please see the bottom of this post for further details).

1x1.trans Upfest Update ...

Artist: Inkie

1x1.trans Upfest Update ...

Here are all the main links that you will all be looking for:





Artists: Graffiti Life

1x1.trans Upfest Update ...

Artist: N4T4

1x1.trans Upfest Update ...




Artist: Osch

1x1.trans Upfest Update ...


1x1.trans Upfest Update ...

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little insight into the Upfest event and please check out all the above links because you will find loads of other amazing artwork there.

To check out more shots from this festival or if you’re after any other information that I maybe able to provide then you can always visit my page at the following link:



I'm a photographer from the West Mids, UK and I specialise in taking shots of graffiti/street art ... I hope you enjoy my posts :)

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