Monsters and Myths

New Urban Era and Aerosol Planet got together recently and arranged a jam in Tamworth which consisted of loads of writers from all over the country but they were accompanied by soundsytems, street dancers, beatboxers and a number of different DJ’s.

Some of the writers that got involved that day were Trans1, Bonzai, Glimmertwin, Title, Shye131, Kem and Mef and the Essex Rockerz and here’s just some of the final shots of some of the artwork that was created that day.

Artist: Shye131

shye 460x277 Monsters and Myths

Artist: Glimmertwin

glim 460x395 Monsters and Myths

This was a free urban arts festival at the Tamworth Graffiti Tunnels called “Monster & Myths” which is why some of the artwork is based upon those two guidelines.

Artist: Trans1

trans1 460x302 Monsters and Myths

 Artist: Title

title 460x572 Monsters and Myths

Artist: Dilk

dilk 460x249 Monsters and Myths

A great day was had by all and at the bottom of this post, I have put up some of the links to some of the main people involved – if you wish to check out anymore.

Artist: Bonzai

bonzai 460x211 Monsters and Myths

Artists: Kem, Title, Mef and Hush

km 460x129 Monsters and Myths

Artist: Tempo33

tempo 460x203 Monsters and Myths

I do have more on my own Facebook page if you feel like checking that out as well …



I'm a photographer from the West Mids, UK and I specialise in taking shots of graffiti/street art ... I hope you enjoy my posts :)

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