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Stella Dore group show – interviews part 5

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For part 5 of our Stella Dore interviews, we had a quick chat with northern-monkey come Londoner, Cept. Read the full interview after the jump.

Cept, thanks for taking the time to talk to us, here at ukstreetart we’re big fans of your work.

Thanks a lot …I appreciate it.

You’re now based in London but were brought up in the North of England, what inspired a young northern lad to get into the dirty world of graffiti?

Nuff said really…OK then, you spent a period in the juvenile detention centre, Borstal, can you tell us a little about how you ended up there what it was like?

I got nicked for changing the colour of BR property, as you end up doing. I had to get up every morning at 7, met a load of weird people, ended up having a laugh, drew a lot.  Got bored …wore funny garms…

Ok moving on – there’s so much street art out there at the moment that it can all merge into a bit of a blur,  are there any streetartists/graffers working on the streets that have caught your eye in particular?

I know who I like and respect….i love graffiti… I rate people who’ve got style and a backbone. And who get up with an open mind and those who appreciate what has gone before them within this movement.

Can you tell us a little about the work that you’re showing as part of Stella Dore’s show in Dublin?

There’s a lot more personal paintings than my graffiti.  And some that are direct references to my graffiti, such as the art is dead piece.  Just a comment on the state of art in these times.  The new guard etc etc…There’s some paintings of girls and some tripped out ceptocycik stuff….

What treats can we look forward to from Cept over the next year or so?

Keep your eyes peeled.

Thanks Cept, speak to you soon, all the best.

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