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Shepard Fairey’s ‘Gaslamp Killer’ at Fusshop

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Fusshop have released a signed edition of Shepard Fairey’s ‘Gaslamp Killer’ artists’s proofs. Priced at £114.99 they ain’t bad at all. Here’s a few words from the supernatural animal organiser himself, regarding the print:

“The GLK is into dark and psychedelic sounds, so that, combined with his name, called for a hippie/horror salad tossed with a blood vinaigrette. The flavor was only enhanced by the Gaslamp Killer’s more sinister personal look, having shaved his dreads and grown an unruly beard and sideburns combo worthy of the most savage maniacs. 
You must wade through boiling pools of blood to get to the promised land, but the journey the Gaslamp Killer takes you on is all part of the destination” – Shepard Fairey 
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