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I-LIB at Stella Dore

I Lurk In Bushes (aka I-LIB) is a young artist far removed from his stencil-cutting peers, but although choosing a different path than his street art contemporaries he does ply his trade ‘pon road and he is definitely an artist, and a very talented one at that. So we were intrigued to see what he […]


Stella Dore group show – interviews: part 6

For the sixth and final Stella Dore interview we caught up with Stella’s founder and now Director, Steph Warren. Hear of her past with Pictures On Walls, the scene in general, and the gallery’s plans for the future after the jump.


Eelus’s Deer-E-Me on sale now at Fusshop

Graphic artist Eelus has released his Deer-E-Me print through clothing and street art emporium, Fusshop. Available to buy online now for a measely £69.99, it’s not to be sniffed at. But if the sight of a woman walking her dead deer in the yellow moonlight is not for you, the Wigan born artist has a […]