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Some Great Finds …

We all know that the internet is awash with great pieces of graffiti and street art from around the world but there is nothing like getting out there and finding some of this great artwork for yourself! We encourage you to get out there and have a look around and see what you can find […]

Smug on the character, Epok on the lettering.

Upfest Update …

Anyone who’s into graffiti and street art and is from the UK should now be well aware of the “Upfest” festival that happens every year in Bristol. This an amazing free event that takes place over several days on North Street, right by the city centre. It’s a totally legal event that is fully supported […]

This guys photorealism work is simply amazing.

On the Road Again

This post is quite simple really, it’s a few shots of some of my favourite pieces that I have had the privilege to see, in recent months, and I thought that I would share them with you. When it comes to the graffiti and street art scene, the West Midlands is not one of the […]


Instagram: Quick update

A quick update with a few more shots from your tagged shots on Instagram including Smug One & Epok’s huge wall taking shape at the recent Upfest event.


Instagram: Daily Roundup

Finally got the cron working, here’s the first of our roundups for your Instagram photos tagged with #ukstreetart. Thanks for the submissions.


Upfest 2012

Upfest 2nd, 3rd & 4th June – (Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend) This weekend Europe’s largest urban art festival Upfest place for its fifth year and has unveiled plans to take over the cultural home of UK graffiti, Bristol.


Diary date: March 24, Urban Scrawl at The Muse Gallery

Bit short notice on this one, but all you West Londoners still should have no excuses and head down to Portobello Road tomorrow eve. On display will be new originals from the likes of Agent Provocatuer, Andy Council (artist of poster, pictured), Avian Security, Dan Kitchener, FarkFk, Myne, Nik Ill and SPQR, as well as […]


Upfest, Sunday October 19

After viewing Cans 1 back in May, one Bristol lad fancied a bit of that for himself and set about organising the first ever ‘Upfest‘ (“The Urban Paint Festival”). The basic premise is that for 12 hours on Sunday October 19 a selection of national and international graff and street artists will descend onto the […]