Kumo Lumo show @ Graffik

Tonight Blitz Studio held a launch party at Ladbroke Groves Graffik gallery to celebrate the launch of their new iOS title ‘Kumo Lumo’.

Kumo Lumo has a bold, distinctive style ‘heavily influenced by the sticker bomb movement’, in recognition of this they invited six street artists to show their work along side Blitz’s in-houseĀ  designers. The roster included Andrew McAttee, Deadcert, International Nobody, Static and Tom Lewis.

You can checkout some of the pieces on show below, the game is free to download on the App store.

1x1.trans Kumo Lumo show @ Graffik

Tom Lewis

1x1.trans Kumo Lumo show @ Graffik


1x1.trans Kumo Lumo show @ Graffik

Andrew McAttee

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