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Shepard Fairey to hold first UK solo show for 5 years

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It’s been 5 years since his last UK solo show and on 19th October, Shepard Fairey will exhibit new works at the Truman Breweries in the East End with a show called “Sound and Vision”.

In collaboration with the StolenSpace Gallery, the exhibition will be the “OBEY” man’s second major London show, following his 2007 collab with the gallery. The show will feature a range of new works including mixed media paintings on canvas, works on paper, retired stencils collages, rubylith cuts aswell as serigraphs on wood, metal and paper.

Taking the name from the David Bowie song of the same title, “Sound and Vision”, will incorporate a diverse array of mixed media works, which embody both the political and social influences on Fairey’s work, particularly that which is directly inspired by music. It is not only David Bowie, but also the Sex Pistols, Roxy Music, Gang of Four, the Clash and Metallica which have had an impact on Fairey’s work. T

He comments: “Music is visceral, but also has the additional powerful layers of the lyrics, with their content and politics, and the style, politics, and personalities of the musicians themselves. No matter how much I love art, or try to convince myself of its relevance in society, the fact remains that music is much more able to reach people’s hearts and minds.” The artist hopes to be able to induce in people, even a fraction of the emotion that hearing a new song or listening to a familiar one can evoke.

To encourage viewers to experience an interaction between music and art, the artist will provide records from his own collection as well as customised vintage turntables to enable viewer listening. This section of the show is complemented by a display of eighty works which have the same 12×12” dimension as an LP sleeve. The artist will therefore use both sound and vision to connect with his audience.

This exhibition will be held across 2 spaces, the permanent StolenSpace gallery and The Loading Bay on Dray Walk.

Dray Walk, The Old Truman Brewery
91 Brick Lane
London E1 6QL
United Kingdom

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