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“Imaginary Friends’ exhibition by Inkfetish

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On Thursday October 18th Tom ‘Inkfetish‘ Blackford will be unveiling his long-awaited debut solo show ‘Imaginary Friends’ at Blackall Studios in East London.

Imaginary Friends explores the mythologies of childhood, transporting celebrated archetypes of youth into a surreal adult world. Placing a veil of dark humour over icons of innocence makes Blackford’s debut an unmissable journey into a twisted world of strangely familiar characters.

Tom Blackford has worked as an artist on the streets for over a decade and has built a successful career as an illustrator and muralist. He has worked for publications such as Vanity Fair, produced work for exhibitions at the US animation powerhouses Pixar and Blue Sky Studios, whilst his graffiti has been celebrated in a host of publications from alternative lifestyle magazine Bizarre to the famous international graffiti magazine Graphotism. His passion for Japanese animation and pop culture has seen him create large murals for Manga Entertainment and grace the streets of Tokyo with his own brand of visual iconography.

Imaginary Friends marks Tom’s further progression into the fine art arena and will be accompanied by a series of street pieces.

This exhibition is supported by Global Street Art and Tiger Beer.

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