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Gallery: The Cans Festival – Part 2 – Graffiti styles

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Just got back from the Cans Festival, which like we reported earlier has been completely redone with a WHOLE tunnel full of new artwork.

The organisers have stripped the tunnel back to it’s bare bones again and allowed a whole new roster of crews and artists to take to the walls and completely remake it.

This time though, its graffiti that takes the presidence, not stencils. A bold move, and if im honest, we almost prefer this compared to the previous incarnation. ATG, the London based graf stalwarts have OWNED the tunnel with a London taxi being one of my favourite pieces.

Another London based artist, Rough, along with at least 5 other names have created an amazing piece – a huge wall of freestyle paint and a huge face with letter-forms coming out of the eyes, alongside a mural of Gordon Brown – stating “Never a frown with Gordon Brown”.

If you’re in town this weekend, and at a loose end then we highly recommend that you get back to Leake St and check out the “Hall of Fame” so to speak of some of the world’s best talents.

Gallery after the jump.

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  1. I reckon they’ll only be there a day or two. The art form is ephemeral, it shouldn’t last more than a week or 2 in my humble opinion…

  2. Hi im sudying in uni,my project in on street art,could you send me some dates of any exihibitionws coming up pleeaasse!


  3. KILERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, just mental as allways.
    2 move forward, watch out for
    the event is called ( G.B )
    STREET ART & DRUM & BASS Styles.
    ART work MADE for DRUM & BASS.
    as we all know BANKSY & GOLDIE are TRUE DRUM & BASS HEADS.
    Watch OUT for more INFO.

  4. ITS time for the BOMB.
    soon together 4 ever , 1love . a true freindship banksy & goldie .
    the BIG BOYS, THE MASTERS of Street ART
    Both doing a event from the styles of DRUM & BASS.
    its not about the hop hip its all ABOUT FORWARD , MOVEMENT ,
    WATCH out for further INFO .
    this event is called ( G.B) ,

  5. ONCE again Banksy , Just makes dull into sunshine ,
    lov it need some more, yes i agree , they are the MASTERS .
    i hope this G.B is in england , as i guess with name G.B it has to be in england , as both are international artists please please stay in england
    now street art is down with drum and bass.
    amazing ,

  6. banksy we all lov your art work , NOW your working with Goldie
    doing the drum and bass styles , i shall be watching out for G.B
    big up 2 Banksy & Goldie , the badboys of street art ,,,,,,,,

    Y dnt know HOW many times ive said this .
    just ask my crew , as we all been saying this .
    BANKSY & GOLDIE , should be together , doing it , 2 the Massive
    wicked you both working with the Drum & bass , plz dont forget about the JUNGLE , as we can see the hop hip , you b, boy was Fat but now
    Drum & bass designs thats DAPPERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

  8. wicked , fat , street art , going out 2 banksy .
    am with you ladysweetness , its not about this hop hip ,
    having street art styles made from drum and bass it had 2 be
    the badboys Banksy & Goldie , having this exhibit
    yes its the furture as i would say ,
    from dub keep it alive , be waiting for more INFO .
    banksy & goldie , brappppppppp brappppppppppp .lol

  9. stop the press, am fan of bansky & goldie
    now reading about this exhibit using drum and bass .
    Haiiiiiiiiii ya , both are working together , its a dream come true
    gutted about wating for more info , then again banksy is wanted by the police , must be on the underground level .
    nuff lov & respect going 2 banksy & goldie .

  10. wish i went 2 this Cans festival, i hope banksy do part 3
    going out 2 ladysweetness, yes that is the bomb
    i agree banksy & goldie are the street masters .

  11. wicked 2009 , this year goldie & banksy, having it , drop down , pull it.
    the roof coming off , myself and all my friends will be going 2 G.B

  12. up 2 date , ive contact FabRIC ,& Still waiting .
    am so happy every one has been supporting G.B exhibit
    sending in your comments means lot 2 US.
    plz keep your comments in for this MASSIVE street art exhibit
    BANKSY & GOLDIE on the drum and bass styles .
    welcome 2 the furture of Street Art , G.B .

  13. WICKED, should be, classic masters of street art are banksy & goldie
    will be looking forward 2 going 2 G.B .nice 1, ladysweentness

  14. 2 find out more on exhibit,s like G.B , become apart for drum & bass + streer art , plz just google, drum and bass and street art ,
    i hope 2 chat you soon. many thanks for all your comments.
    plz carry on , as very soon The Masters of street art , banksy & goldie
    tohether on the drum and bass styles and designs, watch out for more info for G.B, Bless 1love from LadySweetness

  15. 2 ladysweentness, my advice , when asking us 2 google, next time atleast put down your name of your webby site.
    just wicked to read in your new promotions and such a young age 2 be involved , nice one .
    every one just google, drum and bass and street art .
    both webby sites are listed and are both with myspace called
    british drum and bass + streetart , (not open 2 the public,)
    british drum and bass + streertart friends ( this one you can join )
    i hope this will help you and every one eles, ,
    peace out , nuff lov going 2 banksy & goldie . big up 2 G.B

  16. didnt like 2 see the burnt out cars used for the art work , loved the london taxi , busk art work is the best for me . its about street art ,
    am not taking any notice about wan chug.
    as i am looking forward 2 see banksy & goldie at G.B .
    welldone 2 ladysweetness its a wonderfully idea ,

  17. wicked, sweet as , should had more photos, lov all the image’s
    well be checking out this site lot more ,
    one day they will give up the streets for streert art .
    all best 2 banksy & goldie .
    every one watch out for sickboy ,
    peace -out

  18. fat cats,,, wish there was more photos, plus downloads,, looking forward in going 2 the GB exhibition,, as its about drum&bass moves into world of street art & graffiti,,, going 2 ladysweetness , you SHOULD be sharing the lov with your GB event, and using other ARTISTS,,,, not just the MASTERS GOLDIE, & BANKSY,, as know they are lot more streetart&graffiti artists, who are interested, and right now working on their ART WORK, for drum and bass designs & bk drops. . time share the lov.
    and open up GB for other Artists, plz..

  19. can i buy the taxis , plz… just wicked,,, just wish i went 2 this exhibit
    i went 2 goldie exhibit, called kids are all riot,, it was ten out of ten as for this exhibit,, the cans festival, give us more,,,, also plz post more photos and give us some downloads as myspace , could really do with photos and same with my facebook,. and no 2 sharing the G.B event after all its BANKSY & GOLDIE,, together , i belive thats whole point,,,, for this exhibit,,, with drum and bass … please ladysweetness hurry up and sort it our asap,, thank you

  20. the art work was coolest ive seen for long time… hurry up with this GB exhibition… wish i had this idea,,, i will be going …….

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