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End Of The Line hit Leake St over the Halloween weekend

The End Of The Line crew went down to the Leake St tunnel over the Halloween weekend and hit the place with some new work which they’ve emailed over to us including work by Probs and Slam. You can also check out their flickr and flickr feed for more photos Full gallery after the jump…

Video: End of The Line presents The Vapour Trail Series: She One

Gallery: The Cans Festival – Part 2 – Graffiti styles

Just got back from the Cans Festival, which like we reported earlier has been completely redone with a WHOLE tunnel full of new artwork. The organisers have stripped the tunnel back to it’s bare bones again and allowed a whole new roster of crews and artists to take to the walls and completely remake it. […]

Video: End of The Line presents The Vapour Trail Series: She One

The Cans Festival: Part 2

So here we have it, it wasn’t a hoax, it really did happen. The Cans Festival reopens today to the public with brand new work from a host of amazing artists. We’ll have a full gallery later today, but to whet your appetite here’s a few teasers. Unlike the first time, artists can work in […]


The Cans Festival reopens

BIG news, The Cans Festival is reopening this weekend in time for the Bank Holiday. Not much information right now….but all we know is that it’s going to be big…completely cleaned from the last time and brand new work….OH YES We will back at the weekend, if not before, with photos and coverage…keep coming back […]


The Cans Festival – Photo update

Went back to the tunnel today after checking out the Street Art at the Tate Modern, and was glad to see that it’s not been defaced too badly When I originally went (on the first day) – the end part wasn’t open, so I wanted to go back today to see what was down there […]