Banksy launches NYC street art show

Banksy launches NYC street art show

Following on from the piece we reported about last week, Banksy is holding a month long show on the streets of New York.

“Better Out Than In” will be held on the city’s streets, with the first painting having gone up yesterday. It features two boys reaching up towards a sign that says “graffiti is a crime”. Rumour has it that this is located in Chinatown.

Each piece will be accompanied by an audio guide, and in standard Banksy style, these will be very tongue in cheek. There will be a phone number stencilled next to each of the paintings, prompting passers by to call the line and hear about the piece.

“You’re looking at a type of picture called ‘graffiti,’ from the Latin ‘graffito,’ which means ‘graffiti’ with an ‘O.'” You can listen to the first recording on the Banksy website too.

Keep your eyes peeled on the site for further updates.

UPDATE. It looks like the piece has been destroyed already. Thanks to The Verge for the update.

Banksy launches NYC street art show


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