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Banksy Hammer Boy Upper West Side

Banksy “Hammer Boy” Upper West Side

Fresh update from the 20th day in the “Better Out Than In” series in New York from Banksy. The stencil is a of a young boy taking a hammer to a fire hydrant, apparently located within Upper West Side.

Banksy, Staten Island

Banksy, Staten Island

Banksy’s latest piece, Staten Island, New York, is a short video clip which zooms out through the frames to reveal some ants visiting a ‘nest’.

Banksy Os Gemeos New York

Banksy x Os Gemeos in New York

Are you the sort of person who enjoys going to art galleries, but wished they had more gravel in them? Then this temporary exhibition space is for you.

Banksy Twin Towers Tribeca

Banksy drops a Twin Towers homage in Tribeca

The mini outdoor stencil is a depiction of the silhouettes of the World Trade Center, positioned agains the famous NYC skyline. The explosion is an orange blossom. It looks like the edges of the flower are either singed or sprayed.

Banksy Queens New York

Banksy in Queens

Updates ahoy! A new piece has gone up in Queens as part of the long-running, multi-piece show from Banksy.

Banksy - Concrete Confessional

Banksy – Concrete Confessional

The latest in the “Better Out Than In” series by Banksy in New York is a slightly more understated piece in comparison to the “Sirens of The Lambs” Meatpacking District show.

Banksy - Sirens of The Lambs Meatpacking District

Video: Banksy – Sirens Of The Lambs

October 11th saw Banksy deploy a delivery truck to tour around the Meatpacking District of NYC. Chock full of cuddly animals, it suddenly emerges that there’s a loud screaming noise, indicating animals in distress.