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Wild Fantasies in association with Swan featuring Banksy, Eine and Blek le Rat

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Exhibition dates: 24 September to 3 October 2010

Anyone who has been going out in a major city in the UK, and in the fact theworld, in the last 10 years will have picked up a Don’t Panic Pack. Starting inLondon in 2000 these packs are collected and sought after across the globeby those interested in their city’s arts and culture for the information inside andin particular the highly collectable and valuable Don’t Panic Poster. This uniqueformat has provided a springboard for young creatives and a source of free art fora generation of urban aficionados. Delivered in the ubiquitous Don’t Panic Packs,the Posters have become part of the cityscape across the UK and a treasuredcomponent of a night out.

In the last ten years Don’t Panic has given away Posters by Banksy, Eine, PeteFowler, Shepard Fairey, Kate Moross, Blek le Rat, Lucy McLauchlan, Pure Evil,Jamie Reid, Gelman, Jon Burgerman, Neville Brody, Andrew Rae and lots moreworld famous artists.

The exhibition will feature ten limited edition screen prints from some Don’t Panicfavourites and some new collaborators alongside 50 classic Don’t Panic Posters.Each artist will produce 50 signed and numbered screen prints all available to buyfor an affordable £50.

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  1. One wonders why the Jackson family haven’t sued the arse off Banksy yet. He produced a picture of Michael Jackson as the “big, bad wolf” attempting to lure little children in to his lare with sweeties. The painting is nothing short of libel. Michael Jackson was a genius and without doubt one of the greatest artists of all time. Banksy is nothing but a cruel bully who likes to get his kicks out of denigrating others. It is because of people like him that Michael Jackson met an untimely death. I for one shall be contacting the Jackson family to advise them to sue him for every penny he has. And ask yourself this? If Banksy is such a great artist why are the only people he can get commissions from the very people he purports to despise, namely those in the business of creating manafactured music and perpetuating the nastiness that is vanity, namely Simon Cowell and Kate Moss? The likes of the greats such as Bob Dylan clearly aren’t banging at his door desperate to get him to do work for them. People say that his work reflects his ideals . What ideals? He gave the Labour Party a donation to reduce his tax bill. That ain’t anti-establishment. And it certainly doesn’t make him on the side of the oppressed. In fact it makes him firmly on the side of the oppressors. I reckon the reason he’s such a sell out and the reason he has developed a startling desire to acquire wealth is due to the fact that he is a bit of a minger. No woman would have him if he were poor. Oh Banksy, you fool, didn’t the Beatles teach you anything. In the fine words of the Beatles the saying goes: “You can’t buy love”. History will judge him, as history will judge Tony Blair.

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