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Tunnel becomes Banksy art exhibit

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The UK Street Art team hit the tunnel earlier today and boy, was it good. EVERYTHING, and i mean everything was very well organised, methodically planned and to heap on top of that a HUGE amount of stunning work from some of the best artists in the world. This was pure genius.

If you’re in London over the bank holiday or at least can travel to London then I suggest that you make the effort to go check it out. You won’t be disappointed. The queues were big, but it took us just over 20 mins to get in and once in, plenty of space to move around and take photos.

For some more information on the display, check the BBC article here

Get ready for a big amount of photos from the event for those of you that can’t make it down.

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  1. welldone love it , its about time yourself and goldie does a street art event with drum and bass , time 2 share the love.
    bless from ladysweetness, 2 check us out
    google, drum and bass and street art , .both of ours webby pages goes up .british drum and bass + streetart , and british drum and bass+street art friends. time move forward together , goldie & banksy, on the drum and bass tip. from ladysweetness

    DRUM & BASS + STREET ART, with
    BANKSY & GOLDIE called ( G.B)
    Watch out for more INFO.

    in a Street ART event WITH JUNGLE & DRUM & BASS

    ( G.B)
    AT FABRIC Coming SOON.
    Watch put for more INFO

  4. fuc/king excellent ………… BANKSY & GOLDIE………………………
    this is progress, lol. doing drum and bass styles .
    as for fabric , indoors , sort it out , its about the OUT DOORS.
    exhibition for street art. lol.
    its the best news i had for years BANKSY & GOLDIE ,
    are they going 2 do bit of dj and mixing on the decks together, lol
    from jane i shall be waiting for G.B event , plz think about Leeds.

  5. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwr , been waiting for years for this come true.
    goldie , i love him 2 bits , as for you banksy same love all the time.
    every one knowns this event should happend years ago.
    BIG UP , the top’s badboys of the STREETS.
    just beautiful made my life. banksy & goldie .
    going 2 dig up my old drum and bass tunes , lol.

  6. yes plz hit me with G.B event .
    banksy with goldie, on the d&b rip ,,,,,,,,,,,,
    cant wait , as i know the street art will be mental , lol
    big up 2 the very both of ya , goldie & banksy , lov the name G.B .
    plz drop an email so i can be contact , going 2 ladysweetness or wanted .
    is wanted like wanted by police , just banksy is , lol
    bless from SURF.

  7. Banksy allways brings a smile when i see your art work.
    keep it going .
    Banksy & Goldie.
    loving it all ready, for the drum & bass exhibition .
    as for the name G.B , eg Great Britain lol.
    called next one made in england. lol.
    as myself and i dare say with rest of us , i hope this being with
    Bansky & Goldie.

  8. just wicked , banksy ten out of ten . i just pop in , wish we could download your art work.
    send me information , about G.B, plz
    this street art exhibit with goldie , with d&b styles , WOW,
    its must be true underground ,

  9. BANSKY, your the Bomb.
    now you & GOLDIE …… cant wait ….
    as for the drum and bass am feeling this, as now ive seen b.boy .
    2 me its just another hip hop style, as for the drum and bass styles
    this G.B street art exhibit thats all new, & diffrent .
    is Goldie giving you dj lessons lol.

  10. wicked street art going 2 banksy , been all over this webby site
    i shall be dropping in more ,
    had send a comment about bansky & goldie , couldnt leave it , lol
    as i know both have a total wake out styles ….
    bit like salt and pepper , then again they do go 2 together.
    banksy & goldie , now thats best good news ive had for a very long time.
    i shall be bk ,

  11. now thats were my car end up , plz can i have it bk , lol
    the car worth lot more now because banksy made into wicked bit of
    street art, am the same , shall be waiting 2 go 2 this G.B event

  12. bansky a star , allways bring the light on 2 the streets
    now your talking ,SUN light with GOLDIE
    you 2, together our STREETS are going 2 set them a light.
    PRUE SUNSHINE , ps plz look out for my street art in SE london
    tag, A.A.1,

  13. both are on the streets of norwich blood . now you and goldie are doing a ting just like you both 2 know , WE BOTH ARE DOWN WITH YA.
    just made our life lot better , both KINGS of the BADBOYS , street artists
    doing this NEW DRUM AND BASS , going put the word out.
    Banksy & Goldie killing it with D&B, Street ART ,

  14. Banksy your art work is deep and tell us,
    about the world problems.
    Am buzzing right now as i know goldie art work and same with banksy.
    So happy 2 hear now , after all these years , banksy and goldie are working together making street art from drum and bass styles ,
    just amazing ,

    next banksy will be on the MIC with goldie, lol
    no joke, wicked 2 hear about this G.B ,
    looking forward in going 2 this exhibit .

  16. Couldnt walk away without saying.
    i allways said , one day banksy & Goldie be work together.
    hearing about drum and bass, , Now am taking notice,
    wicked news , snap i shall be waiting for this G.B .
    bless from DARK-MAN on the streets of liverpool city centre,
    cant stop wont stop , streetart live forever

  17. NAH MATE – you dun know what you lots chattin … GOLDIE IS OLD needz to step off and banksy is old 2… there only workin together to make paper out of you lot being fick – get a clu yeah?!

  18. wtf, with Wan chug , the only reason why we have street art today is because of goldie and banksy, you such a twat ,
    name some street artists from the uk in the 8os ,
    for over 20 years banksy and goldie have been on the streets and still are
    wan chug you full of shit, i guess you been on the street for 4 years
    and still havnt done a exhibit , or sold any street art , you just smoke weed and play with yourself. and if banksy 2 old why did you come 2 a banksy webby page for .

  19. dick head wan chug . nice one VIC, i agree with you .
    BANKSY & GODLIE , are the blood line for street art
    even when i get 2 my old age i will be still doing my street art .
    question 2 wan chug so what age should we stop doing street art
    wan chug your such a dick head .
    for years we been waiting for banksy & goldie work together .
    time show some respect .

  20. MANY thanks for every one who sent in a comment about G.B
    this really mean lot 2 US .
    ive contact FabRIC , still waiting ,
    we all agree it was about time the MASTERS of Street ART .
    both done a STREET ART EXHIBIT, welcome 2 G.B
    this exhibit is made from drum and bass styles and designs .
    prue underground , hardcore, dark & deep .
    watch out for more INFO for G.B

  21. the streets need more love, time bring them alive .
    moving into drum and bass , wicked ,

  22. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWR , so happy .
    great 2 read about coming exhibit with banksy & goldie.
    job well done for ladysweetness, i owe you 1, big time .

  23. Am very excited to read about banksy & goldie .
    i just wished they’d done this long time ago.
    as for the drum and bass its a new epic for street art .
    nuff respect going 2 ladysweetness .
    for calling banksy & goldie the masters of street art .
    ten out of ten.

  24. Banksy & Goldie, inspired , together for a exhibit making
    street art from drum & bass , i hope this means bk 2 home grown.
    every one will agree, its about england , ive been disppointed,
    let down with this hop hip styles . let the yanks deal with it .
    looking forward for this G.B , time boost out england lol.

  25. Revenge of drum & bass Heads lol
    this G.B exhibit will be an eye opener for rest of the world .
    from Street Terrorist Crew, Madness,& Hardest & Rare & Stars & Power
    Comic & Develop allways on the streets of Northampton at nite .

  26. going in the right direction with this G. B exhibit .
    its going 2 make history for street art , with banksy & goldie .
    hurry up Fabric , ladysweetness sort it asap. lol

  27. Mashing up Banksy & Goldie, how do they find they find the time ,
    as they are allways non- stop , doing street art , my heart goes to
    ladysweetness for waking me up , as i agree both are the MASTERS of
    Street ART , Yes, it about time The MASTERS , have a Exhibit
    dont care if its base on hip hop or drum and bass.

  28. LTD , SOWI for the mistakes , too much WEED , YES WE ALL AGREE ITS ABOUT TIME WE ALL SHOWN RESPECT TOWARDS BANKSY & GOLDIE and Start use the MASTERS of Street ART are …
    am 100 PERCENT behind ladysweetness , BANKSY & GOLDIE are the MASTERS of the STREET ART from LTD on the streets oN

  29. I AGREE, THEY ARE THE MASTERS, Banksy & Goldie.
    it seems LTD, you smoke 2 much weed lol.
    hit us up for the G.B exhibit, peace out.

  30. thank once again for your comments, 2 become apart of drum and bass +street art plz google, drum and bass + street art,
    plz soon as i have more info on the G.B exhibit i shall drop it asap
    as i said i hope you all agree Banksy & Goldie are the the MASTERS
    of Street ART. PLUS IT time both work together doing Drum & Bass , street art styles and designs, bless from ladysweetness.
    just google, drum and bass and street art , 1love

  31. Fantastic , i do agree banksy and goldie are the Masters,
    going 2 ladysweetness plz drop your email ,
    we be waiting for more info about G.B .

  32. this whole tension is killing me , when do we know about G.B exhibit .
    as i know this will make a rapid improvement for street art .
    as am getting bored with all this hip hop styles .
    go 2 u.s.a. if you into this . as for me , bring in the british drum and bass styles. big up ladysweetness, as for google , i put in drum and bass and street art , find both of yours webby site , on myspace . plz do the same on face book .
    bless from SLIM .

  33. amazing , the two biggest rivals , banksy & goldie, both doing a exhibit called G.B . POW pow POW . blap BLAP BRAPPPPPPPPP. LOL.
    Ladysweetness , been on your myspace webby site.
    probably the best myspace webby sites ive seen for a long time .
    when you said , google, drum and bass and street art . I JUST DONE IT .
    ladysweetness you are moving into the Premier League of street art .
    ive sent ya an add to british drum and bass + street art friends.
    i know your other site on myspace is not open 2 the public.
    i understands why , you have some bad ass contacts .
    am wishing you all the best , cant wait go 2 G.B

  34. TIME 2 FLY & BLOW , CRAZY , , hit us up for G.B .
    going now 2 google, drum and bass and street art.
    am so happy

  35. Yeah – itz research time… Goldies NEVER going to work with Banksy – check it

    Goldie is as quick to praise the graffiti of legendary New York artist Jean-Michel Basquiat as he is to deride Banksy as “a snotty-nosed kid from Bristol who watched us paint”


    plus all these comments are blatently Charlotte you’re 14 wiv nothing better to do! using UKSA to promo your lame shit aint a good look! if your real step up and get your own site!!!

    leave this site to do what it does best … UK Street Art big ups!!!

  36. 2 wan chun myself and lot more people would agree its about time Banksy & Goldie work about time, drum and bass + street art become as one . .
    i dont need people like your self wan chug slaging me off , plz ,
    how do you think you get your ideas made into real life .
    Ive made a new section on the internet called
    drum and bass and street art , just google it .
    banksy & goldie exhibit called G.B , 2 make it blow .
    plus i guess you havnt got an ideas to move forward street art.
    or make new section on the internet for street art .
    plz you really kick us in the teeth , been on this site for two weeks
    doing our best make all come together and get every one 2 take notice
    you come long and just slag off , banksy and goldie calling them 2 old
    now your saying all the comments are made by me .
    as this idea for G.B has start some where .
    asking other artists street art 2 do drum and bass styles & designs has 2 start some where.

  37. 2 ladysweetness actually I recon almost all the comments here ARE you coz in your last comment you put your website as nospam … there are 11 other comments where you also wrote your site as nospam – all blatently you! the UKSA crew can easily see the computer your comments came from bet your just in croydon commenting on here all da time.

    UKSA is a sick site so stop ruining it with your crap. this is not the way to turn your ideaz into reality.

  38. 2 Wan chug, am part of ladysweetness promotions ,
    our idea is make drum and bass & streert art , together ,
    the question i would like 2 know and dare say its the same with every eles , what have you done 2 move street art forward ,
    all of us have been working seven days weeks , making fantastic contacts and putting out the word . it taken us all most a year .
    just google us , drum and bass and street art , its new section on the internet . all you have done is slag of goldie and banksy , i can read your commets you posted on mar 11th. now you been kicking us in the teeth , as for the cooments, made by us , joker ,
    SAUK reads all the commets. if they didnt like us why are we still here. every one in the bussiness kowns and understands what we are
    trying 2 do , bring both MASTERS of Street Art TOGETHER .
    all i see is men who , show no respect towards banksy or goldie plus
    doesnt want 2 see banksy & goldie working together in exhibit called G.B , TELL ME DIFFRENT.
    an ideas have start some where.
    you put down charlotte a 14 year , trying stop her working towards her dreams .
    as for saying this not way 2 trun your ideaz into reality,
    i guess you havnt hear about underground and using the system 2 make this happend . once you have a idea ,, you net work , you build up the contacts, you put the word out , you get the public 2 take notice ,
    we use other webby sites 2 do this , as we have 402 artist on our other webby site ,
    that have been so kind 2 post our ideas about street art and G.B .
    as for you think its crap, PLUS think banksy & goldie is 2 old , using your words dated mar 11th, . plus slag off a 14 year old because she really belives its about time banksy & goldie works together using drum and bass styles and designs .
    your head is out the window , big time, next time you want 2 know whats going on just google us, drum and bass and street art .
    plus nuff lov and respect 2 UKSA , for helping us to make our ideas for street art come alive . like we said ,you have start some where .
    stage 1 is done , made our webby sites using myspace .
    stage 2 is done made new section for street art now its on the internet , but only with google, drum and bass and street art .
    stage 3, G.B exhibit , the MASTERS , banksy & goldie .
    stage 4, tell the whole world about drum and bass and street art .
    from wanted , mr s@fe, Ladysweetness , making street art moving forward. my advice never put any one down for trying 2 bring street art forward. dont worrie this will be the last comment 2 you .

  39. I should had pop in lot sooner, lol .

    going 2 Wan Chug . your bang out of order ,

    I seen what all you been doing , dated from MAR 11
    then you came bk still slaging off

    you , really dont understand why
    british drum and bass + street art, on myspace
    are doing and the reason for it.

    ive just google. drum and bass and street art,
    which you couldnt had done before
    as theres was no section made for this on the internet.

    right on top is UKSA, webby page comes up , wicked .

    then ,drum and bass + street art friends , which is apart of the same set up for drum and bass + street art .

    then you will notice , drum and bass + street art BLOG .about
    banksy & goldie ,

    also listed is UKSA webby pages about banksy . twice .
    this help UKSA , to be listed on the top . plus UKSA other links .

    every one thanks 2 a 14 year old called charlotte aka ladysweetness
    we have now got a new section for street art

    just google , drum and bass and street art .

    as for banksy & goldie, exhibit called G.B. just fantastic. idea.

    we dont need people like yourself wan chug ,
    2 come here in and slag off banksy and goldie
    plus putting down a 14 year old and her friends
    for making drum and bass into street art .
    time for you 2 show some respect towards them
    as you havnt done any thing to help street art moving forward
    or even try 2 bring peace and friendship towards banksy and goldie.
    even help SAUK to be listed on top section of the internet .
    stop it and do some good for street art.

  40. Ok, this is Mark, co-owner of UKSA. I don’t want any more comments on this thread. We aren’t laying down the law here. But this isn’t gaining anything.

    I don’t want people using this site to increase their Google rankings or anything, that’s not the point of what we, and the site is for.

    If anyone has any problems, please email me on

    Rather than keep posting comments here, please drop me a line on the above email address

    Many thanks,

    Mark, UKSA

  41. ten out of ten for all the art work , just wish we could download the art work , Mark could you ask the artists for permission 2 do downloads.
    even ask for a small payment for each downloads.i would be more than happy 2 pay.
    going 2 Master Bankys , WICKED , allways making me look twice .
    am off 2 look at sickboy ,zak smith, Master Goldie , chu, dr.d.

    going 2 mark i take my hat off 2 you . as i notice you be very fair and open
    BIG UP ALL STREET ART, take 2 our streets .

  42. Massive , just wished i went 2 this Tunnel Exhibit ,
    as for art work , very deep , just showing us how england had move into
    am with you dave, sort it out with the downloads , as my blog could really do with the street art. lol
    i shall be doing my best 2 see this G.B exhibit . if i cant make it plz
    ukstreet art , can you you at least make a video , now that would help every one , watching videos of the exhibits . i hope uksa can do this .
    1love 2 every one , big up 2 banksy & goldie .
    can every one send in your comments asking for video’s from the exhibits
    and downloads .

  43. going 2 OUT, we need more photos, and free downloads… as myself am waiting for more info on this G.B event with Goldie& banksy , ive been 2 goldie new exhibit. the Kids are all Riot,, fu-king Wicked,,,,
    its about time street art & graffiti start doing drum and bass designs
    welldone 2 ladysweetness , nuff respect going 2 every one,

  44. safe Runner , i myself been 2 goldie exhibit, was wicked, plus i agree this site should hav lots more photos and downloads,,, of ART work.,
    sort it,out,,plz, been on goldie webby page now going 2 say the same,
    ladysweetness,,, send in more info about the G.B exhibition..plz
    you just cant leave it and walk away … aleast try tell us what is going on.
    going out 2 banksy,,, am looking forward with you and goldie together,,,
    i shall be bk next week ……

  45. we need more photos, more free downloads,,, and this GB exhibition should happend years ago,,, a take my hat off 2 ladysweetness& wanted for aleast getting 2 of best street artists, the uk have to this G.B , using drum and bass street art , i hope this means graffiti ….ive google ,
    drum and bass and street art , i was surprise, that there are few other companys who do the same ,, welldone 2 every one, hit me up with
    goldie & banksy for the G.B,,,,

  46. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM ive google, and yes it true,, WOW this site is kicking ,,,,, but we still need more photos,….coming bk soon,,,

  47. banksy doing drum and bass with goldie,,, now thats what street art is all about ,,,, irresistible…..ladysweetness you one busy teenager
    i agree this site needs more photos and downloadssss… put my name down for the G,B..