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Banksy Ghetto 4 Life South Bronx

Banksy “Ghetto 4 Life” in South Bronx

The latest stencil piece from Banksy went up on the site this afternoon, a young boy with his spray can ‘butler’ – this one’s said to be located in the South Bronx.

Banksy Hammer Boy Upper West Side

Banksy “Hammer Boy” Upper West Side

Fresh update from the 20th day in the “Better Out Than In” series in New York from Banksy. The stencil is a of a young boy taking a hammer to a fire hydrant, apparently located within Upper West Side.

Banksy Twin Towers Tribeca

Banksy drops a Twin Towers homage in Tribeca

The mini outdoor stencil is a depiction of the silhouettes of the World Trade Center, positioned agains the famous NYC skyline. The explosion is an orange blossom. It looks like the edges of the flower are either singed or sprayed.

Banksy East New York

Banksy East New York

I’ve been away this weekend so just catching up on the latest from the Banksy show in New York. On October 10th this piece, which is a stencil of a beaver.


Instagram: Daily update

These Instagram updates are going well so far, here’s a roundup of some of the best submissions over the last day. Keep them coming by tagging your photos with #ukstreetartI


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