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Tate Modern: Street Art & Graffiti Lectures, talks and interactive sessions

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The Tate Modern is preparing itself for 6 big events in July and August on a variety of subjects relating to the street/urban art scene.

ALL of these events are FREE – so this is the perfect excuse to fill up your diaries for the two months!

Check out the events after the jump…

11 July; Street Art: Public Space, who’s it for?

Who owns public space and what happens when artists take it in their own hands to develop it? Brad Downey and Mustafa Hulusi are both artists who have subverted the use of these spaces and explain why.

18th July; Street Art Now – a World View

The Wooster Collective is one of the most important websites for the dissemination of street art around the world. Based in New York, Mark and Sarah Shiller make a rare UK appearance to give an insight into the subject and explain how they see the future of the genre evolving.

25th July; Collecting Street Art

Street Art and gallerist Pure Evil and art critic JJ Charlesworth discuss the various aspects of collecting street art and the pitfalls of this growing market.

1st August; The History of Graffiti and Street Art

Street art legend Blek Le Rat tells the story of street art and talks about how New York graffiti inspired him. One of the first artists to have an impact on the European scene, he pioneered the stencil style which has influenced many, notably Banksy. Plus street artist Rough gives an insight into the underground world of graffiti in the UK.

8th August; Street Art Around The World

Author Tristan Manco has travelled the world to find outstanding pieces of street art. At this talk he presents his favourite works from Brazil and beyond. Also writer and curator Rafael Schacter tells us about Madrid-based street artists Nano4814 and 3TTMan

15th August; Graffiti, Utopia or a Bit Boring?

The debate starts here: is street art glorified vandalism or a legitimate cultural movement? Evening Standard art critic Ben Lewis argues that graffiti is a bit boring really, while writer and critic Ossian Ward defends the genre. Come along and decide where you stand.

16th and 17th August; Two day film programme

While street art adorns the outside of the gallery, inside Tate Modern you can see a weekend of free films on this exciting new art form. See Nunca, Sixeart and Os Gêmeos in action and find out why street art has become such a massive global phenomenon.

Street Art Films: Andreas Johnsen and Nis Boye Møller Rasmussen : Inside Outside Saturday 16 August 2008

Street Art Films: Pablo Aravena : Next: A Primer On Urban Painting Saturday 16 August 2008

Street Art Films: Marc-Aurèle Vecchione: Writers Sunday 17 August 2008

Street Art Films: Nicholas Hansen: Rash Sunday 17 August 2008

Street Art Films: Stunnedfilm: Kroonjuwelen Sunday 17 August 2008

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