Steel Horses with Kem and Mef

Kem and Mef are two the best graffiti artists around in the UK right now and they have been heavily into the scene since 1984.

They love nothing more than to paint a wall but they have amazing skills when it comes to using other media such as canvas as well. To celebrate this they have recently put on their own exhibition, “Steel Horses”, where they were showcasing some of their new work and they even got the “Suicide Girls” to come down and pay them a visit as well.

Two days after their exhibition they hosted a jam where they were joined by loads of other writers and these are just some shots of the amazing artwork that was created that day!

steel jam 304wm 460x291 Steel Horses with Kem and Mef

(Mef on the wall)

steel rev 010a1 Steel Horses with Kem and Mef


steel jam 307wm 460x275 Steel Horses with Kem and Mef

(Kem on the wall)

steel rev 006a 460x212 Steel Horses with Kem and Mef

One of the artists that was also there that day was Title, who has been drawing, designing and painting graffiti murals for well over 25 years. The piece he created that day was an awesome piece of photrealism and it was a pleasure watching him work … it’s amazing what people can achieve with a wall, some gaffer tape and some paint these days.

steel jam 322wm 460x315 Steel Horses with Kem and Mef


steel rev 069a 460x408 Steel Horses with Kem and Mef

(The image below is of two of the “Suicide Girls” posing next to Kem and Mef’s artwork at a photography studio in Birmingham, West Midlands which was also the venue for their exhibition.)

Kem Mef 020wm 460x689 Steel Horses with Kem and Mef

If you wish to find out anymore about the artists then you should check out their websites. They take on commissions as well if you’re interested.

To see more photos then you can also visit


I'm a photographer from the West Mids, UK and I specialise in taking shots of graffiti/street art ... I hope you enjoy my posts :)

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