Seize Art Fare – London, June 1st

Seize Art Fare - London, June 1st

This weekend see’s a very interesting event take place in our capital city, no I don’t mean the royal knees up, im talking about a more riotous occasion, the Seize Art Fare – The world’s ONLY 100% illegal art festival, no fee’s, no sales, no sponsors, just public art.

Due to the nature of the event the full details are on a need to know basis at the moment, but they have stated that an international cast of art villains, vandals and pranksters will descend on London in a storm of colour and a haze of spray.

Location and artist line up will only be released on the day of the event, this Friday 1st June. For all the details keep your eyes peeled on the facebook event page, –

also ill be at the event so dont worry if you cant make it, full event coverage coming soon…


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