Lush is selling out in London!

Lush, the self proclaimed ‘graffiti asshole’ is coming the UK. He promises a warehouse show of pisstakes, cool “urban art”, cutting edge stenciling, idiotic canvases of boring celebrities, and real dead animals


Snik update

The stencil wizard Snik has been a busy bee, painting Upfest (Bristol) and the huge group show – ‘STENCIL BASTARDS’ (Zurich) along side c215, orticanoodles, BTOY, Eime, Leckomio and many more. He has updated his blog showing some of the fantastic work he has done over the last few weeks….


Mr Brainwash ‘Jubilation’

Today Mr Brainwash will be releasing his latest print, ‘Jubilation’… A mish-mash of all the london cliches thrown into one image, kind of makes me a little dizzy just looking at it. (Notice the Banksy rat behind the legs of the queens guard on the shutter).


Upfest 2012

Upfest is Europes largest urban art festival, this year it had an impressive 250+ artists descend onto Southville, Bristol consuming over two miles of the city to paint live for three days and create over 20,000 square foot of artwork.


Upfest 2012

Upfest 2nd, 3rd & 4th June – (Jubilee Bank Holiday Weekend) This weekend Europe’s largest urban art festival Upfest place for its fifth year and has unveiled plans to take over the cultural home of UK graffiti, Bristol.


Seize Art Fare – London, June 1st

This weekend see’s a very interesting event take place in our capital city, no I don’t mean the royal knees up, im talking about a more riotous occasion, the Seize Art Fare - The world’s ONLY 100% illegal art festival, no fee’s, no sales, no sponsors, just public art.