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Poster Boy NYC

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Poster Boy NYC has been described as a “kind of anti-consumerist Zorro with a razor blade”. Preferring to remain anonymous Poster Boy NYC is said to be a group or ‘movement’ who use razor blades to cut out and re-arrange elements of billboard images on the New York Subway to make both political and satirical statements about contemporary issues. Their belief is a simple one, “one man’s vandalism is another’s political art” turning Subway stations into their own public art galleries.

Poster Boy NYC’s pieces are conceived on the spot and resemble a cut and paste punk aesthetic. In past interviews Poster Boy NYC has expressed hopes to start a ‘decentralized art movement’, one where anyone can claim to be Poster Boy. “No copyright, no authorship,” he has said. “A social thing, as opposed to being an artist making things for bored rich people to hang above their couch.”

You can see more of his work on Flickr

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