Introducing… Beach London

Introducing... Beach London

Beach London is part gallery, part shop, and agency both online and offline, with a gallery/shop space on Cheshire Street in London’s East End.

They aim to present a new way to buy, collect and view some great pieces of artwork, various books, ‘zines and screen prints from a collection of artists. Their London space launched in July last year, but they’ve only popped up on my radar this last week.

Having seen a photo on Instagram by Mr Penfold of one of the “Protect Ya Neck” scarves, I immediately checked their website for a purchase but they were unfortunately sold out. Trying my luck, I left a comment on the picture and the guys got back to me, putting the scarves back on sale, and luckily I managed to get one!

Let’s be honest here… C’mon. One of the best Hip Hop tracks of all time, by one of the best groups, portrayed in scarf form with a cheeky link to the title – a steal at £15!

Introducing... Beach London

Introducing... Beach London



Mark is the founder of UK Street Art. He's a UX and UI Designer based in London, UK.


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