“Double Dip” – Recoat’s Recession fighting exhibition

double dip back final lr 460x643 Double Dip   Recoats Recession fighting exhibition

Another group exhibition for Christmas, and this time we see The Recoat Gallery in Glasgow with their “recession busting” exhibition where all of the work on display is under £100. There will be four walls, with four different prices, ranging from £25 through to £100 at £25 increments.

There will be a selection of drawings, paintings, prints, sculptures and photographic pieces from the likes of Fist, Will Barras, Inkie, Kathe Leone, Pure, Death Rattles, Derm and Elph to name but a few.

The show opens on 25th November, from 7 – 10pm and runs till 2rd December. Open 12 – 6pm Tuesday to Sunday, it’s free and a good opportunity to pick up a Christmas present or two for someone.

For further information, hit the Recoat Gallery website.


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