Banksy x Os Gemeos in New York

b osgen 1 corrected sized 01 Banksy x Os Gemeos in New York

Banksy has collaborated with the Os Gemeos twins from Sao Paulo for the latest piece in the “Better Out Than In” series. If it hasn’t been destroyed already and you’re in New York, you can check this piece on West 24th Street.

“Are you the sort of person who enjoys going to art galleries, but wished they had more gravel in them? Then this temporary exhibition space is for you. Housing just two paintings but also featuring a bench, some carpet and complimentary refreshments. Opens today through Sunday 11am til midnight.”

“People ask why I want to have an exhibition in the streets, but have you been to an art gallery recently? They’re full.”

b osgen 2 corrected sized 01 Banksy x Os Gemeos in New York

FOR WEB day wide Banksy x Os Gemeos in New York


Mark is the founder of UK Street Art. He enjoys blogging, cooking new food and bad tv.

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3 Responses

  1. Luke Da Duke Luke Da Duke says:

    A bit of HR Giger feel.

  2. wiekszosc ludzi lajkuje, ale nie wie o co chodzi! Szkoda bo Banksy (grupa ludzi) staje sie zbyt popularna.

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