Upfest 2012

Upfest is Europes largest urban art festival, this year it had an impressive 250+ artists descend onto Southville, Bristol consuming over two miles of the city to paint live for three days and create over 20,000 square foot of artwork. The festival helps raise funds and more importantly awareness for the Bristol based charity NACOA, who work to address the problems children have growing up in families where one or both parents suffer from alcoholism.

Looks like the beautiful British weather didn’t dampen the spirit…. Heres a visual roundup of just a few of the amazing pieces of work created over the weekend…


herakut 460x613 Upfest 2012

herakut31 460x686 Upfest 2012

Herakut1 460x345 Upfest 2012


Smug & Epok

smug31 460x686 Upfest 2012

smug21 460x308 Upfest 2012

smug1 460x345 Upfest 2012



cheo1 460x345 Upfest 2012



snub21 460x345 Upfest 2012

snub2 460x613 Upfest 2012


Ian Phenna

ianphenna 460x345 Upfest 2012


Snik Stencil

599208 10150868923208248 758453247 9780870 436654775 n 460x345 Upfest 2012


My Dog Sighs

mydog 460x345 Upfest 2012


Guy Denning

guydenning 460x613 Upfest 2012



stik 460x615 Upfest 2012
Andy Council

andycouncil 460x613 Upfest 2012


Irek Tankpetrol

irek 460x345 Upfest 2012

Thanks to  Myk Garton for the photos… To see the rest of the work from Upfest 2012 check out Myk’s Flickr here.

Im already looking forward to Upfest 2013




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