Urban art auction at Philips de Pury & Company

On September 6 Philips de Pury & Company (PP & C), the US based contemporary art, design, jewelry and photography auction house, will present work for sale in London from a selection of the ‘urban art’ scene’s biggest players.

Artists involved include Bansky, Bast, Beejoir, Blek le Rat, DFace, Faile, Shepard Fairey, Insect, Invader, KAWS, Dave Kinsey, Adam Neate, Nick Walker, Barry Mcgee, Micallef, Skullphone, and Swoon.

Viewings take place everyday from September 2 – 6. Visit the PP & C site here for more info. 


Mark is the founder of UK Street Art. He's a UX and UI Designer based in London, UK. He enjoys travelling abroad, and exploring new cities, taking in the locals view of things. Posting photos of random things and food to Instagram. Going out with friends to festivals, gigs and clubs and loves cooking for friends and family.

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