Unit44: One Year On

Unit44: One Year On

It’s time to celebrate the one year anniversary of Unit44 in Newcastle as they look back on a year’s worth of top shows. To celebrate, this Thursday sees the guys throw a show at the usual space with artwork from Eelus, Prefab77, Stormie Mills, Remi Rough, SheOne, Mr Penfold, C215, Darren Henderson, & Hush.

They will also be showcasing works from Faile, Olly Moss, Roa, Shepard Fairey, Seb Lester, Swoon, Laser 3.14, Jon burgerman, and David Bilbrough. The event is a snap shot of the year that the team have had, the artists that have taken part in the White Walls Project, and a glimpse into the future plans for Unit44.

Bar provided by Red Bull, Vedett, Kopparberg, and Patron. Doors Open at 7pm. RSVP: Danny@Unit-44.com

Hoults Yard
Walker Rd
Newcastle Upon Tyne


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