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Bomb The Box: Week One

Bomb The Box: Week One

We previously wrote about the Bomb The Box project down at Boxpark in Shoreditch and we’ve received the video of week 1 for you all to check out.


Bomb The Box

Having been captivate by the concept of Bomb The World, Boxpark, are working with Aroe – MSK to invite 6 graffiti crews to London in a new exhibition starting on 1st August.

Tribute to Nekst

Just before Christmas the international graffiti realm suffered a huge loss with the passing of Nekst. He was a dedicated graffiti artist, member of MSK (Mad Society Kings), and he dominated the scene in which ever city he showed up in. Nekst had been painting graffiti with unmatched levels of dedication for what was nearing […]

uk graff book

100 UK Graffiti Artists #1

Frank “Steam 156″ Malt has recently created this book due to his tireless documentation of graffiti and he serves to preserve what the buff or the elements will certainly destroy. It’s a great addition to anyone’s collection of graff books from around the world and we will post links at the bottom of this page […]


Heavy Artillery/MSK’s Aroe’s piece in dedication to MCA

With the recent death of MCA, the Beastie Boys legend, Aroe of MSK/Heavy Artillery has produced this amazing piece in Brighton. Recreating the classic 1986 “Licensed to Ill” album cover as a fitting R.I.P tribute to MCA, the piece is 12ft high and 64 feet long. Details on the crumples of the plain crash show […]