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Street Art at the Tate Modern update

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Went down to this on Saturday and so here’s a photo update:

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Graffiti Research Lab at the Tate Modern tonight

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  1. hi, nice blog you got going, good to see some pics up of the exhibition at Tate.

    just a question, ive been looking for some graffiti blogs etc ‘cos I want to put a question to people like yourself who actively blog about street art…

    in regards to this exhibition at Tate, or something similar, would you be interested in seeing something like a blog/website set up with maybe a panel of the UK’s top writers discussing where they think graffiti is going and who are the up-coming writers to look out for?

  2. All well and good, but why where no UK artists involved?

    I have no problem with what the Tate has done and the work looks amazing, but within London alone are some of the worlds most diverse and creative artists working in this scene.

    The lack of local talent from this event is questionable. I would like to have seen some young local talent working with the more established names from the UK and international artist.