Review: Paper Wallet

Review: Paper Wallet Review: Paper Wallet

For those of you are not familiar with Paper Wallet, we thought it was about time we popped up a short review as they released Series 4 at the end of 2012. Paper Wallet is made up by a bunch of artists and creative entrepreneurs and 2007 they set out to create thin, expandable, durable and eco-friendly wallets.

Sourcing designs from artists all over the world, they wanted to bring life to one of the most basic accessories. Collaborating with artists from over 15 countries, they are now on set to release Series 5, and don’t plan on stopping now.

Review: Paper Wallet

With more and more products about to drop, they aim to continue on the same path – To come out with new designs, connecting with more artists.

Review: Paper Wallet

We received one of the SLip wallets for review and we can confirm that the build quality is far superior than we thought. Covered in a space-style artwork, featuring a tiger in a spacesuit on the outer cover and a spaceman on the inside, the wallet has 2 credit card slots, 2 business card flaps, 2 side pockets and a cash compartment – surprising for something made from paper!

Priced at $19.95 (about £12 for those of you in the UK), it’s a cheap alternative and looks great – we can highly recommend these wallets and look forward to seeing what they have in store for Series 5.

Check out the full range over on the site.


Mark is the founder of UK Street Art. He's a UX and UI Designer based in London, UK.

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