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Not A Penny Off The Pay, Not A Second On The Day @ The Old Motorcycle Workshop, Bristol

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1st May – 11th May, 2008
Opening night – Thursday 1st May 7pm-10pm
Then open everyday 12pm-7pm (closed on Tue 6th)
The Old Motorcycle Workshop
15-19 Stokes Croft (opposite Pieminster), Bristol, UK

After the huge success of December’s ‘12 Days of Xmas’ we bring you our next major group exhibition.

Lost behind the jangling of Morris Dancing and Maypoles, May 1st has long stood as the date to remember the common struggles and achievements of workers around the globe. ‘Not A Penny Off The Pay, Not A Second On The Day’ will be a celebration of the working classes, featuring a truly international line up of acclaimed urban artists.


Multi-faceted or a whore of many talents. . .Adam mixes the technical with the loose drawing inspiration from collage, found images and anything else he can get his hands on.

BEEJOIR (Thailand)
Released the classic ‘LV Child’ print and has since gone out of orbit. Beejoir unique style of sandwiching two very different images together creates beautiful and powerful images.

BOXI (Berlin)
Boxi creates stencils of the hand cut, fine detail, multi layered & life size kind. Seen all across Berlin’s eastside in very carefully chosen locations that complete and defines their action.

C215 (Paris)

CEPT (London)

CHIN CHIN (Berlin)
With a penchant for conjoined twins, Chin Chin draws and paints the most wonderful pictures as well as making silkscreen prints which sometimes she glues on the walls of Berlin, freezing her fingers off.

CYCLOPS (Bristol)
‘I begin now, hoping to cease not until death’. Cyclops is a work horse of a man who’s output is as brilliant as it is un-pigeon hole-able and is currently cropping up everywhere.

An artist, graphic designer / music video director and founder of radical art collective Kunstterrorist Organisation. Uses uncanny approach to present the reality via limited edition prints, postage stamps and various strange apertures. |

GAIA (New York)
Exploring the emotional relationship between animals and humanity. The personification of earth In Greek mythology, Gaia’s work expresses the importance of nature in the urban setting.

Discovered by a broader audience last year, but painting for twenty years. His healthy disrespect for authority meets the aesthetic of Caravaggio and Rembrandt. Oil paint, sadness and anger…

St. Petersburg street art duo Inky and Mofo, producing complex, nonlinear collage stencil compositions, specifically themed on robotics and ‘cybermatics’.

Sabatour or an escape artist? IRIS makes prints from borrowed surveillance tapes and other controlled materials in an attempt to escape the corporate working environment.

K-GUY (London)
Decorating the streets with his hard edged graphic style. K•GUY sticks two fingers up at the culturally elite exposing societies dysfunction & the things people automatically sweep under the grey matter.

KHANAGE (Bristol)
Khanage is a fantasist who lives her dreams of creatures and romance within her canvases.A mere neophyte, her large painted ‘sketches’ convey her newfound freedom, albeit with a dark optimism.

BP Portrait Award nominee, Matt Small wanders around London with a video camera, capturing the anonymous faces of urban youth, disaffected and defiant. He then paint them onto found objects such as discarded sheet metal, uniquely portraying people as truly products of their environment.

MAU MAU (Devon)
A classic free hand Graffiti artist, the ever smiling Mau Mau was a massive hit at 12 days of Xmas show with his cheeky ‘grow room’ cell installation.

MISTERAITCH (Sunderland)
Bastardiser of the Queen’s post and thoroughly northern. Misteraitch is a perfect candidate for a show on workers with innate his love of Thatcher and all the good she did for northern England.

MOTORBOY (Bristol)
Reclaiming the icons and imagery of mass market contemporary culture (including a fondness for song lyrics), Motorboy’s art is slogan heavy, combining Situationist ideas with a pop art sensibility.

MUDWIG (Bristol)
Part of the WSSK Wet shame crew, Das Mudwig is globally recognised for his truly unique style that really is impossible to put into words!

PARIS (Hull)
An original member of the TCF crew, Paris has been at the cutting edge of the UK graffiti scene for over 20 years. Now also producing original prints & canvases he still happiest with a can of paint in hand and a blank wall in front of him.

PURE EVIL (London)
In 1990 Pure Evil moved to California, ingesting weapons grade psychedelics and thinking about stuff. Then he returned to London, picked up a spraycan and started painting weird fanged vampire bunnies everywhere.

ROLANDT (Berlin)
Hugely famous in Berlin for his ‘Linda’s Ex’ campaign of street posters which shared his broken heart with and enlisted the support of all of berlin in his quest to ‘get Linda back’, Roland creates illustrations of pure heart wrenching beauty.

ROWDY (Bristol)

SCORN (Thailand)
Fighting out of the Souled Out Studios gym and a constant decorator of Bangkok’s streets. Scorn is mailing over work for his first ever Bristol appearance.

SP38 (Berlin)
Artsist? Autist? Born in Normandie and a prisoner in Berlin since 1995, SP38 paints like a human copy-machine and will be bringing his ‘No Propaganda’ campaign to the street of Bristol.

SPQR uses a mix of stencils and freehand spray-can work to montage and subvert popular contemporary imagery from the pop art world through to images harvested from the continual media onslaught.

No one walking around the East End can miss the pink gums & white teeth that have sprung up everywhere. They come from childhood memories of sweet shop chews – plus the image is simple and quick to paint!

An illustrator and artist from the infamous book ‘Scrawl’. The subject matter is readily familiar, but captured in a manner that seems to jar time and space with psychedelic abstraction.

Former Greenpeace activist and now Dublin’s original ‘Artivist’. Will’s work is a thought provoking, humorous and sometimes surreal fusion of icons, events and images from popular culture.

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