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New Banksy in Knightsbridge, London

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Crying Cosette… #Banksy#CalaisJungle#RefugeesWelcome#JeSuisRefugee

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Banksy put up a new piece on the wall of the French Embassy in London this weekend just gone. The piece depicts the character from ‘Les Misérables’ being hit with tear gas. Looks like it might be the latest in a series of works that criticise the approach to the refugee crisis. We posted about the Steve Jobs piece a few weeks ago.

There’s a QR code on the piece which links anyone scanning that to a video of the police raid on the refugee camps in Calais which happened earlier this month.

It’s likely that this work won’t stick around for long as there’s reports of people trying to steal it already. Get down there now if you still want to see it.

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