Mike Ballard interview on Dazed Digital

Mike Ballard interview on Dazed Digital

Here’s a teaser:

DazedDigital: Is street art kind of dead now that it’s been so heavily appropriated by the art market?
Mike Ballard:
I’m sure there’s a lot of people who made money from the street art bubble that peaked a few years ago. It’s hard to be knocked out by graffitti art now because there’s so much out there and the graffiti bracket is so limiting, but there are still loads of great people coming through. I think I’ve really moved beyong the street art tag now.

Catch the full interview with Mike Ballard (CEPT) on Dazed Digital.

…and if you want a few tunes to accompany the interview, Dazed Digital teamed up with dubstep dapper Zomby at the beginning of this year for a ‘back to ’92’ mixtape.


Mark is the founder of UK Street Art. He's a UX and UI Designer based in London, UK.

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