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Mike Ballard: ‘Advertising The Invisible’ by the Residence Gallery

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Mike Ballard Advertising The Invisible

Mike Ballard’s new show opens on 22nd November at The Residence Gallery in London. In association with Beyond Ultra and The Hackney Snare Drum Awareness Program, Mike has teamed up for his new show “Advertising The Invisible”.

Featuring a series of audio scores and incidental music for unmade fictional films, the installation includes props, production stills, set design, graphical scores and more. The music is presented by The Aerosol Orchestra, Sollomans Stash, The Clapton Rifles and Long Range Desert Group. The exhibition presents starting points for the viewer to draw their own story, and conclusion, much as an archaeologist might envisage an ancient dwelling and a whole way of life associated with it, allowing us in principle to trace latent narratives underlying manifest fragments.

Ballard articulates the show “to play on the associations with sound and image and how the sounds affect our notions of action and intrigue.”

In 1986 at the age of 14, Mike Ballard broke into his art career as the graffiti artist ‘CEPT’. His work quickly gained notoriety on the streets of East London, defined by his unique mix of letterforms, loud exaggerated colours and pop art appropriated super humans painted across walls and shop fronts. For over 20 years Ballard/CEPT has been disrupting perceptions of the urban landscape with snippets of beat-sampling visual codes rewired from pop art history, comics, hip hop music, explosions and clouds.

In 2007 Mike Ballard graduated from St. Martins art School with an MA in fine art. Now working from his studio in London he continues to exhibit regularly, specialising in creating immersive installations. Ballard’s paintings, and painting components of his constructed environments are not about surface or the physicality of mark-making, but are windows into other spaces that destabilize our sense of place. Using a range of media, Ballard aims to challenge our ideas of hierarchy associated with image, object and sound.

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