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Jon Jackson says Adios LA

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Jon Jackson Adios LA

You’ve got to love artists. For not content with a just a humble leaving party and a few heartfelt goodbyes, Jon Jackson came up with an entirely new way to announce that he was leaving Los Angeles for New York.

Here is a man once so in love with the city he called home that he felt the need to let it, and everyone else, know that their love was no more by way of five 10ft by 23ft billboards dotted across the city, each with a different clichéd break up message. And if you feel the need to revel in LA’s post break-up embarrassment further, you can visit the accompanying website where you’ll find maps to the billboards and can read a few more classic break up lines.

Jon Jackson Adios LA

Jon Jackson Adios LA

Jon Jackson Adios LA

Jon Jackson Adios LA


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