Graff London awards

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Every year Graff London ask their forum members to vote for who they feel are has been the best writer, crew, etc, of the past period. It’s all for fun, there’s not many categories and there’s no actual ceremony or prizes as such, but the results are a pretty true reflection of what’s happening in UK graffiti for the period in question. This year’s results are below:

Writer of the year 2009:

1. 10Foot

3316439883 55163e881d 450x280 Graff London awards

2. Vamp

pik969zz 450x343 Graff London awards

Crew of the year 2009:


london 09 09 0162 450x337 Graff London awards

2. ATG

2710522780 57c9c08ba7 450x337 Graff London awards

Writer of the decade:

1. Tox

6kingscross62yb0 450x321 Graff London awards

2. Oker

5ahlwy 449x252 Graff London awards


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    great post,great pictures,wish all the best

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