Exhibition: She One solo show in Bristol

Exhibition: She One solo show in Bristol
Death From Above

She One’s solo show opened on Friday in Bristol, entitled “Blackatelier”.

A range of work is on display, giving us an insight into his ongoing aesthetic journeys. Recently works in the Futurism 2.0 and White Canvas Project exhibitions in London have only strengthened She One’s presence as a major player in the street art and graffiti world.

He says:

“In graffiti you have to be prepared to walk away from your works. What is important is committing to a moment and the experience of making the works.This latest show captures fragments of these journeys, externalised private moments, experience translated into permanance.”

Rapid lines and over-sprayed motions make his work immediately recognisable and is renowned worldwide for his work with the Addict clothing brand. If you’re in Bristol, or willing to travel, be sure to pop by the Ar-tel Gallery on Marksbury Road.

Open daily until the 17th November at Art-el, The College, Marksbury Road, Bristol BS3 5JJ.


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