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Electrick Sheep presents… Dust In The Giants Eye by Kid Acne

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Electrick Sheep in Newcastle are steaming ahead with their Hoults Yard Project and they’ve just sent over some snaps from this massive wall from Kid Acne. Great stuff!

“What started out as an opportunity for an exhibiting artist to paint freely on a large scale, in an amazing setting, has quickly turned into something much more. Briefly… Hoults Yard was built in 1878 for the renowned Tyneside pottery Malings. The Hoult family acquired the business and used the space for storage and removals until 1983.

It is a 3 hectare complex of amazing structures, now used as artist workshops, design studios, and much more. To us, it is also a maze of 20+ ft + walls which are dying for some artist attention. After a quick tour of the yard and realising just HOW much scope the place has, we decided to turn it into something much bigger, we’re overwhelmed at some of the artists who are getting involved… watch this space.”

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