Big Issue Charity Show at Black Rat Press

Big Issue Charity Show at Black Rat Press

It seems everyone’s in the corporate social responsibility game these days, even Black Rat Press. The very successful gallery are teaming up with homeless helpers The Big Issue Foundation to put on an impressive show this Saturday, August 9.

Pure Evil‘s ‘Heath Ledger CMYKrink’ portrait on glass, 6 by 4 feet (pictured), has been submitted alongsid original works from the likes of Dotmasters, D*Face, Eine, Mantis, Matt Small, Swoon, Nick walker, Peter Kennard, Cat Picton Philips, Ron English, Herakut, Jamie Reid, Andrew Mcattee, Charming Baker, Robert Sample, Elbowtoe, Hush, Pure Evil, Julian Opie, Miss Bugs, Modern Toss, Ruth Marten, Dan Baldwin, Peter Blake, Logan Hicks, Armsrock, Cyclops, Beejoir, Chris Stain, Labrona, Antony Lister, Copyright, Gaia, K Guy, James Mylne, Eelus, SPQR, Neverwork, LET, Dog Byte, Static, Jef Aerosol, The Krah, Pam Glew, Mr Jago, C215, Part2ism, Tony Gray, David Walker, RYCA, Dr D, Mighty Monkey, Ame72, Christophe Remy, Rene Gagnon, Zac Walsh, Bandit, Blek Le Rat, oliver Winconek.

All works will be sold in usual fashion and not auctioned. Fore more info visit BRP directly here.


Mark is the founder of UK Street Art. He's a UX and UI Designer based in London, UK.