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JBoy x Banksy x The Simpsons

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This just dropped in the mail… from the JBoy Collective. Cheeky take on the Banksy x Simpson’s work and the Keith Haring inspired piece that appeared. Santa’s Little Helper makes a guest appearance! You can see more of their work here.

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    1. What is your issue freak. We love jboy in the states as the majority of uk art is just weird.

      Your mum is a twat but people don’t post it all over websites. I’m sure jboy appreciates you jizzing every time they do something.

  1. This is a fake photoshop job innit?
    Get off your PC and learn to use a spray can. Dick.
    A fake of a fake of a fake.
    Has he done a Marylin Munroe rip off yet?…Mr Brainwash did why not him too (three, four)?

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