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Are You A Rocknrolla?

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In the lead up to the release of Guy Richie’s new film, RocknRolla, this Friday, Warner Bros have enlisted the skills of a few of UK graffiti’s all-stars to pep up their London outdoor campaign. A handful of graffiti luminaries such as Solo One, Busk, Astek, Chu, Shucks and Panik were called in to watch the film and then subsequently asked to paint what they felt was on the mystery painting which forms the centre-piece to the movie. As can be seen from the pic above, they ain’t done a bad job. See the other three efforts after the jump.

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  1. Great ad campaign. Saw this the other nite and Guy Richie hit it with this one, great flick. I also saw one of my stencils, the chimp stencil, used in the set design in a pub scene. thanks for writing us as a stencil resource as well!