Wiispray turns Wii Remote into virtual graffiti spray can

Just imagine the possibility of having a “live” spray battle pitting artists across the world against each other ona  big projector, which is seen in every place and could be viewed online by the public – as the scene developed, the wall would fill and each artist would battle back – in a table-tennis like way!

If only Mark Ecko had a Wiispray when he was developing Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure, perhaps people the world would have understood his vision for a videogame-based, graffiti-tagging urban dystopian angst. Anyway, this Wii Remote turned into a spray can is the product of a student’s thesis at Bauhas-University in Weimar, Germany. Martin Lihs crammed the controller into the can-like structure and plans (hopes?) to create a communal — but not illegal — virtual graffiti wall in which people can add their digital tags and keep it real clean, yo. Curious that he’s using PlayStation-based triangle and square buttons, though.

Source: Engadget


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