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Wahaca looking for an artist to paint for their new restaurant in Canary Wharf

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Wahaca, the award winning restaurant, is looking for a Graffiti/ Street artist to fill a huge space (over 28m2) in its new site in Canary Wharf, opening October 2009.

Both street artists Oliver Shaw and Nuria, whose work exhibited at the Tate Modern last year have worked with Wahaca in the past and we are looking for an equally exciting artist to take over our site and leave their own particular mark.

Wahaca commissions sight specific pieces focusing on street and environmental art (visit their website for more information on artists they have worked with and is willing to pay up to £4,000 for this particular commission (excluding materials).

To win: They need to see a piece of work by the artist that shows their style would be in fitting with Wahacas.  (It might be an idea to visit the site in Covent Garden (66 Chandos Place, WC2N 4HG) or White City (Westfield, Southern Terrace, W12 7GB) to get a feel for what Wahaca is about).

All entries will be posted onto their blog and readers will be asked to judge their favourite.  All entries must be submitted by the 23rd August and a winner will be announced at the beginning of September. Site visits can then be arranged with installation expected mid October. The artists work will also feature in our Wahaca paper OLA London of which 30,000 are printed and distributed as well as appear in materials/ websites associated with the competition and Wahaca.

To enter email with a picture of your work that best describes your style and please attach in no more than a 100 words an overview of what inspires you as well as any website or further useful information about you.  If you have further questions please call Mark on 07748148323.

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  1. Please visit click on CASE STUDIES then EVOLVING WALLS .

    “Ben has created a truly inspiring working environment where we are surrounded by our own modern gods. They look down benevolently on us every day. They challenge us to live up to their ability to inspire others. Every time I lift my head I see Bjork, Zola, Cary Grant, Michael Palin, Patsy, Molly’s grandfather and Dave Grohl. To get to my desk I have to walk past Kylie. A look over my shoulder takes in Nelson Mandela, Arsene Wenger, Ronnie Barker, Nick Cave and the late great John Peel. Seeing them around makes you want to do good work.

    When Ben was briefed the idea was as simple as “can we have a Sergeant Pepper type mural on a couple of walls? Everyone will supply an icon we just need it arranging and stenciling.” Fortunately Ben’s ambitions were more progressive and he took the idea and turned it into a fantastic office-scape of stencil and graffiti work.. Rather than follow the obvious he’s made a virtue of the subtle and the surprising: turning a corner to be greeted by Jarvis Cocker or finding Jools Holland hiding by the kitchen is a great way to lift the office environment from mundanity to creativity.

    One of the best bits was watching the office change over time. Because Ben worked overnight the office walls and pillars evolved each day. People witnessed the change and were intrigued to discover the new arrivals each day. It became a game and it fuelled conversation and gossip. It was brilliant to watch people’s reactions: Watching them trying to find their own icon each day, and watching their delight when their image appeared.

    It’s a brilliant job that has surpassed all expectations. Everyone loves it.”

    Jon Gittings

    Jon Gittings

    Executive Director, Strategic Planning, Manning Gottlieb OMD


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