Video: Banksy’s opening sequence for The Simpsons

Video: Banksy's opening sequence for The Simpsons

Whilst the UK was sleeping, the USA was watching a brand new episode of The Simpsons and who directed the storyboarded the opening sequence? None other than Banksy. Luckily someone in the Banksy camp has uploaded this to YouTube already and in typical Banksy fashion it’s full of dark humour.

There’s some interesting comments on the page, resulting in people talking about a dig at Capitalism and Totalitarian states:

“Banksy is making a strong statement here with his rendition of the Simpsons intro.

I don’t see it as a comment on capitalism or socialism. In the end it’s about how humans treat each other within and out of both sides.”

“Funnily enough, this is a criticism of capitalism but clearly shows the WORST exploitations happens in socialist totalitarian states like China. Nice try Banksy.”

Obviously there’s a dark look at the scenes behind the screen so to speak. Child labour in the animation and dvd industry, like everyone else is reporting, this is amazing to have been broadcast. What do you think?


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