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Ronzo Skate Saurus

Ronzo: ‘Skater Saurus’ Limited Edition

If you saw the last post, then you may have noticed that Ronzo has been producing a short video about ‘Skater Saurus’ on Brick Lane, and for fans of that piece, you can now pick up the limited mini version of the same piece, priced at £100. Looks damn sick! Fossil relief/sculpture cast out of […]

Video: Ronzo – Skater Saurus, The Moview

Video: Ronzo – Skater Saurus, The Movie

Quite a few updates from Ronzo recently and the first is in the form of a video for his awesome Skate Saurus piece that is off Brick Lane at The Truman Breweries: “Little documentary about the giant Skater Saurus Fossil to be found at Bricklane, East London. It all started about 65 million years ago. […]


Derrick The Deathfin launches onto the PlayStation Network

‘Derrick the Deathfin‘ has succesfully launched onto the PlayStation Network. It’s not only the first proper Ronzo video game, but also the world’s first underwater paper craft game ever made. The game is a collaboration between Ronzo and gaming genius Different Tuna, and is pretty much all handmade. Ronzo and crew on the style and art in the game: “The […]


Ronzo’s ‘Crunchy’ – Double Dip Recession Edition

Stolen Space’s Summer Sizzler show opened on Thursday with a selection of originals and print releases from D*FACE, Word to Mother and Charlie Anderson. Ronzo had made a special edition of his famous Credit Crunch monster ‘Crunchy’ for the night. Limited to an edition of 10, these must’ve been snapped up on the night – […]


Ronzo’s ‘Crackney’s Finest’ Exhibition

Ronzo’s second solo exhibition features a new series of paintings, collages, prints and sculptures showing life in the ‘Ronzo Borough of Crackney’. It is a dark but funny place inspired by the experience of living in London’s East End borough of Hackney. Ronzo’s vision of Crackney is crawling with surreal characters including crack smoking squirrels and a […]


Video: Crunchy The Credit Crunch Monster (making of)

Ronzo made “Crunchy” 2 years ago now but he’s put together this great little video about the making of the monument he erected above Village Underground in East London, the monster, a representation and mascot of the credit crunch: “This is a little mocumentary about the making of Crunchy, the infamous credit crunch monster monument […]


Ronzo’s “Pity of London” mini-documentaries

These are little documentaries about Ronzo’s ‘Pity of London’ project. Street sculptures were installed in London’s financial distinct to celebrate the end of UK’s credit crunch. The ‘City of London’ statue is a dragon sculpture marking the boundaries of London’s financial district since centuries. The ‘Pity of London’ statue is a sculpture of ‘Crunchy – […]


Ronzo’s “Pity of London” street sculptures

Ronzo has been a firm favourite of the UKSA team since we saw his excellent show at Stolen Space last year. He’s come back strong and hard with these amazing street sculptures, positioned around the city, cemented into the financial heart: “This limited edition series of street sculptures celebrates the recent announcement of the long […]