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Phelgm in Ireland

Phlegm hit West Cork in Ireland recently with a new piece. A fish, acting as a submarine, piloted by his characters – we love it!  


Amnesty international: Making the Invisible Visible

‘Making the Invisible Visible’ created such widespread awareness for the case of Troy Davis, that Amnesty International have worked with W+K again to extend the campaign across Europe. Each of the new installations depict a close up of an individual’s face. With the image invisible from the front on view, as you approach the fence […]


Stella Dore group show – interviews: part 6

For the sixth and final Stella Dore interview we caught up with Stella’s founder and now Director, Steph Warren. Hear of her past with Pictures On Walls, the scene in general, and the gallery’s plans for the future after the jump.


Eelus, Rugman and EINE hit Dublin’s streets

Over the last couple of days Eelus, Rugman, EINE and the rest of the Stella Dore gang have hit Dublin’s streets for six with a selection of new pieces. The Eelus piece above is entitled ‘Grin And Bear Back It’, check out EINE and Rugman’s efforts after the jump.


Stella Dore group show – interviews: part 1

To celebrate London based Stella Dore‘s group show in the Irish capital we caught up with a few of the stars of the exhibition, as well as SD manager Steph Warren for a quick chat. We’ll be posting one interview from one of the artists involved everyday from now until the show opens this coming […]