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Updates: Banksy Outdoors

On inspection of the Banksy website, there’s a host of new images depicting some of his recent pieces outside. Confirmation of the outdoor piece depicting child labour in Turnpike Lane/Wood Green, London along with a series of others, including the ‘trimming of the bush’.

What do you think?


New Banksy in Turnpike Lane, London

Mr Banksy has popped up a new piece in Turnpike Lane, London. The image depicts a child labourer getting the bunting ready for the Queen’s...


Banksy at The National Gallery

There’s been an update on the official Banksy website, and for those of you missed the new pieces put up over the weekend, here’s...


Banksy Biplane Loveheart in Liverpool

A new Banksy has popped up in Liverpool – what do you think? Thanks to Unurth for the heads up and images: The Lonely Villein FacebookTwitterGoogle+Pinterest


Banksy “Myths & Legends” Book

Author and journalist Marc Leverton has collected stories about the artist, mostly revolving around his hometown of Bristol, and Marc has spent  3 years...


Video: Banksy – The Antics Roadshow

http://vimeo.com/27695140 The show aired on Saturday on Channel 4 and for our readers that didn’t catch it, you can peep the show in the...


Banksy: The Antics Roadshow

With the recent rioting in London, could the timing for a TV special from Banksy be any better or worse? Charting the history of...